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The opensource database and search engine for multi-cloud applications

Elassandra simplifies your data stack by integrating Elasticsearch® into Apache Cassandra®.

Cross Datacenter Replication

Apache Cassandra supports asynchronous multi-datacenters replication and various mechanisms to repair lost data. By closely integrating Elasticsearch with Cassandra, Elassandra provides search features on many datacenters.

Scale On-Demand

When it becomes necessary to increase read/write throughput, Elassandra automatically re-shards your Elasticsearch indices as new machines are added, allowing to smoothly scale-out to fit your business needs without down-time or heavy maintenance operations.

Real-Time Analytics

By indexing cassandra data into elasticsearch, you can provide continous and real-time data visualization for your application with Kibana.

A Masterless Architecture

Elassandra removes the single point of failure of Elasticsearch by using a distributed transaction to manage its configuration.

A Reliable Primary Datastore

Cassandra is optimised for write-intensive workloads, therefore, Elassandra is suitable for applications where a large amount of data needs to be inserted (such as infrastructure logging, IOT, or events). Then, Elasticsearch indices can be rebuilt at any time from Cassandra tables without data duplication.

Continous Operations in the Cloud

Failover-based approaches do not truly achieve high availability for write operations. By its multi-master design, Elassandra remains always available when a server/container failed or restart for a maintenance operation.


Elassandra is distributed under Apache License v2

Mailing List

See the Elassandra Google group.

Stack Overflow

You can also check the Q&A about using elassandra on Satck Overflow.

Support - Issue reports

If you suspect that you have found a bug in Elassandra, you can report it on Please provide as much details as you can on your issue, including your CQL schema and Elasticsearch mapping and nodetool gossipinfo output.

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git clone --recurse-submodules
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git checkout -b pull_request_branch
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